My story began as a teen, wanting to have a voice for all the little girls who grew up without their mothers. I was once that little girl, and to escape my pain, I started writing poems. Poems turned into songs and songs turned into confidence. Confidence gave me the strength to believe in myself. For a long time, I thought that singing was my passion, my dream but I had no idea that my dreams would be so much bigger.

I stopped singing but continued writing. Writing was my escape from the pains of life. When I lost my grandmother in 2017 to cancer, that was the hurt that pushed me to speak not only to those little girls without a mom but to all who was going through something. I wanted to help the world! And so SamiraMarquita was born. The name coming from my grandmother.

SamiraMarquita is more than just a pretty logo, it represents “wearing the whole armor of God”. Knowing that he walks with us through all things. But “wearing the whole armor” is not just a clothing brand. It’s sharing my story through music, writing and clothing. Hoping that my story and my pain will help change people’s lives. Sharing my story through SamiraMarquita has helped me heal from the pain of losing so much but being grateful that I am still here today to help someone else.